Percipio Percepi Perceptum


Salt Dough Recipe- With this easy Salt Dough Recipe you can make tons of really neat crafts like sculptures and ornaments, the sky's the limit! The best part about salt dough is that it can go right in the oven to dry!
Easy Craft Clay-This Easy Craft Clay recipe is a great all purpose clay which can make many different craft projects, from beads to ornaments! It dries to a white, matte finish and can then be painted with either Tempera or acrylic craft paint
Bread Paint-This Bread Paint makes sandwiches and toast so much fun! It's also great to use this edible craft to surprise someone you love by painting a special message for them!
Homemade Sidewalk Paint-This Homemade Sidewalk Paint is so easy to make and is eco-friendly too! You can make it in different colors and it wipes right off with water!
Paper Mache Recipe-The paper mache recipe has been around for a long time, centuries actually. There are many ways to make paper mache. Basically, if you mix flour and water, you will be able to soak newspaper, drape it onto some kind of form, and make a wonderful craft.
Pasta and Rice Paint-With this Pasta and Rice Paint recipe you can make all kinds of different colors of macaroni and rice to make many different craft projects. Colored macaroni and rice can add so much texture to children's art!
Playdough Recipes-I'm sure we all have wonderful memories of making playdough sculptures when we were children, with these playdough recipes you can pass on the fun to your kids! Choose from the edible and non-edible varieties, and let the fun begin!
Flower Fairies-Turn nature finds into petal people with this fanciful project
Secret Invisable Ink-Children will love to write secret messages or draw a treasure map using this secret invisable ink.
Scratch N Sniff Paint-Kids will love to smell their painted creations with this Scratch N Sniff paint. Make it in all different kinds of "flavors" and enjoy
Spaghetti Paint-This unique Spaghetti Paint will excite any child! What child doesn't like to smoosh their hands in noodles and then make a unique painting, that can also be hung up proudly to display!
Camille's Diorama -You start by looking at paintings by Vincent van Gogh and finding pieces that you can use.
Deep Space Sparkle- (k-6th) art lessons
Halloween:Spirit Jug-Stationed on a walkway or porch, these homemade lanterns will extend a ghostly greeting and good-bye to all your holiday visitors
Trim a Tree-This preschooler-friendly project is made with humble, familiar craft sticks
Popsicle Snowflake  and poem- legend of the Christmas star
Baby Jesus Ornament- it was made with wood but it can be done with foam