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Science- and just for the fun of's a video on Science WARS

Throughout this page you will find sections for stuff on workbooks, links, and games for all the areas of science.

Science tools and rules

Interactive Lab Safety and tools- read about safety and then virtually act it out



                 Physical Science   

Changing Matter- change the temperature to see how it affect the molecules

Colored Filters and Light- interactive. Slide the different colors .

Aspire Simple Machines & Complex Machines- flash needed to run interactive portion

Links to games on simple machines.
Vareity of links to games on simple machines.        
Simple machines game
Students control a small robot. They must use some basic machines to reach their objectives. They select the simple machine and see how much force is used to accomplish their goal as well. If you use to much force, robot gets tired and falls asleep.

MSB- Sound game - great lower level elementary

Mirror Game- use light reflection to reach goal

Solid,Liquid,Gas Game
Learn about solids, liquids and gases as you experiment with the conditions that change them from one form to another in this fun, interactive science activity.
How Stuff Works Videos- articles related to science
Litmus Reactions- test several liquids to see their ph levels.



            Earth Science   

Moon Challenge-lunar cycle

Phases of Moon matching game- match pic with label

Earth Sun Moon
Space Game that reviews Earth's axiz,orbit,rotation,seasons etc...

Science- Space: filter by grade and then read articles aligned with level

Volcano Island- become a major, read scientific equipment to predict eruption. Call for evacuation on time but not to early.

Volcano PDF- article and questions

Identify Rocks-pdf worksheet

Weather Articles- filter by grade

Videos on Rocks
Rock Cycle, Identifying rocks etc...



               Life Science


Project Noah-  enables amateurs and professionals alike to create and share multimedia nature journals  

Georgia Forest walk through- can take a while to load

Food chain- interactive

Animal Web Cams
Watch animals live!

Animalia- how well do you know where animals live

Australian Museum 
A few pictures and basic information on habitats.

Photosynthesis- advanced

Articles on Plants and Trees- select grade level

Pick the Pollinator- In this game, match seven plants with their pollinators and learn why flowering plants have come to dominate the botanical world.

Learn about Food- for kids-3-16

       General Science Websites

CrashCourse Kids- science videos

Dr Binco Science Show- on youtube. Various science topics

Science games- choose from wide variety and different levels. 

StoryBots- videos for lower level elementary

Club SciKidz

Australian Museum
Select area of interest and level .

Scienceducksters- break down of topics

Mother Nature Network- articles on science

Natural Geographic- science articles

TurtleDiary- Science lessons and games

Science Voc Hangman
Select the area that you have covered. Word will be generated from those categories.
Sheppards Software Games
(All Ages): This site provides a wealth of free games, puzzles, quizzes, and more. An impressive, rich resource of fun educational games and activities. No registration required. I have to say that I personally enjoyed this site quite a bit, partaking in quizzes, completing puzzles, and checking out the many resources there.

Sciencekids games by topic (scroll down the page past the ads)

CrickWeb- science interactive sites for various science topics

ThoughtCo.- science articles

The Children's University of Mancherster Science- The Body and Medicines, Energy and the Environment, The Earth and Beyond, Teeth and Eating, Micro-Organisms, The Brain and Scenses, Exercise.

FreeSchool- videos on various topics including science related ones. selected grade and subject- printable worksheets, games etc for various grades
Learning Tools- free practice tests--scroll down to science and then select science, grade, and topic

Khan Academy Science and Engineering- videos and practice questions

YOUTUBES VIDEOS ON ASAPSCIENCE- learning videos and parody modern songs for older scholars- turned into science songs!!

Sciencebuddies- home and school resource for hands on science

SciKidz- is usually a camp but is offering blog for daily hands on Science experiments

Downloadable Workbooks for Science

Biology-High School

Jr. Science Workbook - the science of amusement park rides