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Throughout this page you will find sections for stuff on workbooks, links, and games for all the areas of science.



                 Physical Science   

Changing Matter
Add heat to see the three stages of matter and how they affect the molecules
Leonardo's Mystery Machine Game
Identify Leonardo's simple machine game.
Links to games on simple machines.
Vareity of links to games on simple machines.        
Simple machines game
Students control a small robot. They must use some basic machines to reach their objectives. They select the simple machine and see how much force is used to accomplish their goal as well. If you use to much force, robot gets tired and falls asleep.
Simple Machine information
Good website for visuals and other information on simple machines
Solid,Liquid,Gas Game
Learn about solids, liquids and gases as you experiment with the conditions that change them from one form to another in this fun, interactive science activity.
Litmus Reactions- test several liquids to see their ph levels.



            Earth Science   

What Shape is the moon?
You will learn about the phases of the moon.

Earth Sun Moon
Space Game that reviews Earth's axiz,orbit,rotation,seasons etc...

Rock cycle diagram
Short interactive rock cycle diagram
Videos on Rocks
Rock Cycle, Identifying rocks etc...



               Life Science


Animal Web Cams
Watch animals live!
Australian Museum - Habitats
A few pictures and basic information on habitats.
Beast Blender
combined different parts of animals to create your own
habitat adventure
Giant pandas are native to central China. One of the best ways to help protect giant pandas is to protect their habitats. In "Habitat Adventure: Panda Challenge!", you will help make decisions about a fictional forest reserve. You will use binoculars, field guides, a camera, and other tools, as well as talk to local people to help you make the best decisions.
Help Sparky grow a plant
Help Sparky grow a plant (k-1)
Illuminating Photosynthesis
(click on the launch interactive)
pick the pollinator
Flowering plants represent about one-sixth of all Earth's known living life-forms. How did these immobile organisms manage to spread so far? One answer is pollination, or plant sexual reproduction. Pollinators—typically wind, water, and animals—carry pollen from one flower to another. In this game, match seven plants with their pollinators and learn why flowering plants have come to dominate the botanical world.
The Life Cycle of Plants
       General Science Websites
A walk in the woods
Take a walk in this virtual Virginia forest and do field research using the same scientific methodologies and tools that Smithsonian scientists use to monitor forest biodiversity!

Australian Museum
Select area of interest and level .

Includes a variety of games,videos,and quizzez on different objectives in science.
Museum of Natural History comprehensive virtual tours
Museum of Natural History comprehensive virtual tours        
National Geographic Games
(Grades 3 and up): This site features a variety of games and interactives and leans towards various science and history based adventures and activities, rather than the traditional subjects-specific types of games on many other sites. There’s a lot of cool stuff here, like Fossil Hunts, Journey to the Edge, Rhino Rescue, Monster Fish of the Congo, Earth in Balance, and How Taboo are You?
Science Voc Hangman
Select the area that you have covered. Word will be generated from those categories.
Sheppards Software Games
(All Ages): This site provides a wealth of free games, puzzles, quizzes, and more. An impressive, rich resource of fun educational games and activities. No registration required. I have to say that I personally enjoyed this site quite a bit, partaking in quizzes, completing puzzles, and checking out the many resources there.
Hippocampus-Environmental Science and Earth Science
The Children's University of Mancherster Science- The Body and Medicines, Energy and the Environment, The Earth and Beyond, Teeth and Eating, Micro-Organisms, The Brain and Scenses, Exercise.

Downloadable Workbooks for Science

Biology-High School
Science - (8th grade) Glencoe
Science- (7th grade ) Glencoe
Science- (6th grade)Glencoe
Holt Science Workbook - Jr High Physical Science

Jr. Science Workbook - the science of amusement park rides

Physical Science -(5th-7th)